Fraternities are about building relationships, whether it be social, fraternal, alumni, or business. Developing a network of friends and acquaintances is one of the most important skills in college, and retaining that network is the most important skill throughout life. Fraternities are the only organizations on campus that offer every aspect of networking and relationship building. Being in a fraternity, each brother has the opportunity to make the best friends of his life. Through social events, brothers develop valuable friendships with women and through philanthropy and community service events, we build relationships with our communities.


Joining a fraternity is about surrounding yourself with people who make you better and push you to succeed. This is the fundamental tenet of our brotherhood. Why else would you join an organization, if not to grow? Here at Delta Tau Delta we firmly believe that only through camaraderie, society, and philanthropy can a brother truly experience what it means to be in a fraternity. Delts are committed to lives of excellence.



The rush process for Delta Tau Delta is the same for every other fraternity at UCLA. In order to be considered a potential candidate for recruitment, you must register with UCLA Fraternity and Sorority Relations. Afterward, come out for rush during Zero Week, meet the brothers, eat some food, and have a good time. If we like you, and we believe your attitude fits with our goals, we will extend you a bid—an invitation to join our fraternity—and it becomes your decision whether to join our brotherhood.