These iconic collegiate fraternity parties are the headliner of every social calendar and leave memories for many years to come. With typical attendance exceeding several hundred students, the Delt quarterlies are events that shouldn't be missed. Past themes include Electric Delt Carnival (EDC), Delt Premiere (a red-carpet affair), Escape from Alcatraz, and Delts of Hazzard.


First, start with the Delts, a group of UCLA’s finest and most handsome gentlemen. Next, mix in a beautiful, fun-loving UCLA sorority. Then, toss in a creative theme, a private club in the surrounding Los Angeles area, and you have the recipe for a raid. These events are great opportunities to meet sorority women, dress like a fool, and dance the night away!



Date parties are invite-only affairs, allowing brothers to invite a date in a more intimate setting. These are Delt-exclusive events and are typically formal, but they can also be themed (Hoedown Throwdown, anyone?). However, formality occasionally gets thrown out and replaced with a bonfire, dinner or other more casual settings.


Mixers are a great way to meet and connect with sorority women. Typically these events are low-key and take place at a fun venue. Whether we are trampolining at Sky High, playing laser tag, or having dinner at the sorority’s house, mixers are a nice change of pace from the normal fraternity lifestyle.



Pinnings are ceremonious events in which a brother and his longtime girlfriend promise to put each other before their houses. The pinned couple wears red, and everyone else arrives in formal attire. The event begins with a surprise pitstop at the sorority, a few speeches, and then the official "pinning". Party buses take our brothers and the girlfriend's sisters to a venue to celebrate.